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  • 1 Rep. Russ Jones receiving the 2010 Leadership Award for Government Transparency - House Republican of the Year.
  • 2 Rep. Russ Jones with President George W. Bush receiving an invitation to a briefing as the President initiated Operation Stonegarden (OPSG), a program to enhance cooperation and coordination between law enforcement agencies in a joint mission to secure the nation's land borders.
  • 3 Governor Brewer being inducted into the Arizona Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (from left) Maj. Russ Jones, deputy Commander Wing Legislative Squadron, and pilot for Squadron 308 based in Yuma, Arizona; Col. John Eggen, AZ Wing Commander; Governor Jan Brewer; Majority Whip Rep. Debbie Lesko; Lt. Col. Wesley E. Waddle, Commander of the 999th Legislative Squadron.
  • 4 SB 1154 Water Banking Authority Bill Signing Ceremony Pictured are Rick Lavis and Board Members of the Arizona Cotton Board, Rep. Russ Jones, Governor Jan Brewer and Don Shooter, among others.
  • 5 Rep. Russ Jones and family (from left) Eric Jones, Samantha Jones, Janet Jones, McKenna Mellon, Russ Jones, Walker Mellon, Shelley Jones-Mellon, Colin Mellon, and Tanner Mellon.
Welcome to my website! As your Representative, I hope that the information provided on this home page about my activities and the services I continue to provide my constituents will be of benefit to my friends and supporters from Arizona's District 13 and other visitors to my website. Thank you for visiting me via the internet signature.jpg


Russ Jones has a proven record of accomplishments working for the interests of all of Arizona

  • More education dollars devoted to the classroom and students.

  • Voted to expand school choice.

  • Increasing resources dedicated to rural economic development.

  • Expanding the quantity and quality of employment opportunities.

  • Selfless dedication in philanthropic efforts to improve the lives of the less fortunate in Arizona.

  • Ensure adequate water supply to support both urban and agricultural growth.

  • Developing tourism outreach and family friendly recreational facilities.

  • Honest Property Tax Evaluation

  • Cross-Border Outreach



Jan Brewer - 2012

Arizona Commerce and Industry

pdf_icon The Bottom Line

Arizona Commerce and Industry - 2012



  • 2010 Leadership Award for Government Transparency - House Republican of the Year

  • League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) - 2012 Leadership Award to the Hon. Russ Jones